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Valorie Mason, LMSW

At Finding Freedom I want to share with others the benefits of therapy that I experienced myself.
When I reached my mid-thirties, I had suffered a great deal of trauma, but I thought I was doing just fine. I presented well at my job, had worked my way up the ladder in middle management, and seemed to have things together.
But things weren’t “just fine”. I had suffered from anxiety since I was young, and these anxious feelings grew as I endured more trauma. I developed depression and PTSD on top of my anxiety and, yet, I still thought I was okay.
After attending counseling, and putting effort into healing, my quality of life increased so dramatically that I decided I wanted to share my newfound freedom with others. I went back to college, as a single mother, to become a social worker and a clinical therapist.
Prior to becoming a therapist, I served in the military for ten years. Since then, I have worked at a variety of positions including working with veterans at Veterans Affairs, as a foster care social worker, and several positions providing aid to the homeless, a counselor and a college success coach.
As of late, I have administered counseling at prominent private practices in the Lansing area. I love what I do and the life that I lead. At Finding Freedom, I hope to give you the tools to live your best life in freedom. You deserve an amazing life and I never would have found mine without therapy.

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